Reasons to Install Vinyl Plantation Shutters in Your Home

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If you're looking for window coverings for your home, one beautiful decorative option is plantation shutters. They come in different materials, one of which is vinyl, the benefits of which are described below.


These coverings provide a versatile window option that you can install in all rooms throughout the home, including humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl can stand up to humidity without growing mould or mildew or rotting or warping as timber can. This durability not only means that you can fit them in all areas of a home but also that you can install them in varied climatic conditions. For example, vinyl won't suffer in the moist salty air of coastal regions.

Design Alternatives

Vinyl plantation shutters come in different shades to harmonize with various decors. You could install classic white, beige or grey, for instance. Some models feature textured louvres that imitate timber. Thus, you can experience the wood aesthetic without the hassle of the shutters deteriorating in moist conditions. Additionally, vinyl is easy to wipe clean with a microfibre cloth. The shutters will also enhance your home's kerb view once they line the front windows.


Vinyl is an economical option compared to other shutter materials. Thus, you won't break the bank by fitting them in all rooms in the home. With more expensive materials, you may be forced to limit the windows that you cover with these gorgeous decorative covers — to selected windows at the front of the home only, for example. Your house will look more unified and cohesive with consistent window coverings.

Pair with Curtains

You can also match plantation shutters with curtains. In doing so, you can create a more lush feel in particular rooms, such as bedrooms and dining areas. You could blend the curtains and shutters by repeating the same colour. Alternatively, contrast vividly designed curtains against white shutters. By layering the window coverings, you can create different effects.

Thus, vinyl plantation shutters provide versatile window coverings that you can install in moist and humid rooms like bathrooms and different climates like coastal areas. They come in different colours, and you can install faux timber textures for a warmer aesthetic. You can also pair them with curtains and create a range of different looks by contrasting or matching the colours. Because vinyl is an economical material, you'll be better able to afford beautiful plantation shutters in all rooms for a cohesive design.

For more information on shutters, reach out to a local home and garden store.

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